Probe Gold is committed to the sustainable and socially acceptable development of the Novador Project, based upon our core values of Accountability, Collaboration, Innovation, and Integrity.  

Our mission is to conduct mineral exploration activities in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible manner to minimize impact on the environment and to maximize benefits for our employees, local and regional communities and shareholders. 

We use creative solutions for traditional challenges and develop the Novador project in a way that will build positive and meaningful relationships with all stakeholders and contribute to regional well-being and prosperity.



  • Initiated the environmental assessment process with government authorities for the Novador project
  • Environmental baseline studies will continue during the summer of 2022
  • ECOLOGO certification is currently underway
  • The sustainable development policy is now in place
  • Water management efforts are ongoing to minimize use and maximize reuse during exploration activities


  • Respect, inclusion and transparency are at the core of developing lasting relationships with communities
  • Contracts will be awarded to local companies to maximize economic benefits
  • Stakeholder consultations will begin shortly as part of the environmental assessment process for the Novador project
  • Members of the community of Lac-Simon will be involved in reclamation of drilling sites


  • All members of management strictly implement the company‚Äôs code of conduct and business ethics.
  • The Company has governance policies in place, including the policy against bribery and corruption.
  • Compliance with the laws of the Financial market regulators is enforced
  • Majority of the members of the Board of Directors are independent
  • Committees, including the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors and the Remuneration Committee of the Board of Directors, are in place


Sustainable development is an integral part of all activities for our Company. At Probe Gold, protecting the environment, maintaining biodiversity, respecting and including communities, and prioritizing a healthy and transparent governance are at the heart of the decisions we make for all our projects.

From an environmental point of view, we strive to reduce our impact by tailoring our work to each unique situation and applying appropriate methodology and mitigation measures to insure the most effective results.

On a social level, we want to develop lasting relationships with communities based on respect, inclusion, and transparency. 

Economically, we want to increase the return on investment to our shareholders while benefitting local communities and ensuring the health and safety of our employees.