Val-d’Or East


The Val-d'Or East Project is comprised of the following properties:

  • Pascalis
  • Lapaska
  • Megiscane-Tavernier

The Val d'Or East Project is comprised of 293 claims totalling 11,904 hectares of land, that is controlled by Probe Metals, located approximately 25 km east of the city of Val-d'Or in the Province of Quebec. The city of Val-d'Or, population 35,000, is the closest service community. The Project benefits from world-class mining infrastructures, expertise for underground and open-pit operations and highly qualified manpower. It can be easily reached by the roads that are well maintained in all seasons. Several mining operations and gold mills are currently active in the area. No environmental issues are noticed from past exploration onsite.

All the mining titles are 100% controlled and are in good standing.